Utah is Getting a Solar Eclipse in 2023! Next one not until 2077.


Utah, USA - In a rare treat for the state of Utah, we will be experiencing a generational event on October 14, 2023. There will be an Annular, or Ring of Fire, Solar Eclipse. We won’t be seeing another one of these in our state until 2077, or simply stated, not in many of our lifetimes.


What is a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in front of the sun and from the viewer's standpoint blocks the light from the sun. A full solar eclipse will completely cover the sun, whereas an annular solar eclipse will cover the center of the sun, leaving a perceived ring around the blacked out portion.


How can I view the eclipse?

While most of Utah will be able to see part of the solar eclipse, if you want to see the full coverage, you’ll need to travel to a place where you can maximize this experience.


Marysvale, UT will be one of the best, if not THE best viewing location this year. Because Marysvale lies right along the epicenter of the eclipse path, you’ll get the maximum exposure to the eclipse. Plus, you’ll get the amenities of being in a town such as bathrooms, restaurants, lodging, recreation, etc, that you wouldn’t get if you just drove out to the desert somewhere to watch it.

Plan ahead!

If you remember the full Solar Eclipse that passed through Idaho in 2017, thousands of people flocked to view the eclipse. However, people found themselves without Eclipse glasses (necessary to view the eclipse), without lodging, without parking spots, and that resulted in traffic jams for those who didn’t plan ahead.


Some of the things you'll want to consider and prepare for are:

Solar Eclipse Glasses - DO NOT try and look at the solar eclipse without special solar eclipse glasses or equivalent eye protection. You'll want to make sure that they are ISO 12312-2 certified. Even blocked out by the moon, the sun can still do long term damage to your eyes. There will be many venders selling these glasses in Marysvale the day of the eclipse, but you can get them In advance here.

Lodging - Whether it's camping, cabins, RVing, or In a hotel, lodging Is something to consider carefully. With anticipated tens of thousand of eclipse chasers this year flocking to viewing spots, It will be a good Idea to avoid traffic and make sure you have a good viewing spot In advance. Otherwise you might miss the eclipse In Its entirety. We recommend staying the night before and possibly the night after the eclipse.

Food - Don't forget to plan for food In advance. Make sure there are restaurants and food options where you go. Or plan to bring food. With traffic going In and out of the most popular spots, you may have serious delays before you get your next meal or snack.

When is the next Solar Eclipse?

Solar eclipses are a rare phenomena and even rarer to pass through a local location. Here is a list of the next annular eclipse sightings in some of the western states:


Utah: Last 2012, next 2077

Idaho: Last 1885, next 2046

Arizona: Last 2012, next 2077

Nevada: Last 2012, next 2046

Colorado: Last 2012, next 2048