Protect your Eyes! Why you NEED Eclipse Glasses.

With a Solar Eclipse passing through Utah in just a few weeks, right now is the time to be thinking about getting your solar eclipse glasses, before it’s too late.


The Sun can do irreparable damage to your eyes, if you’re not careful.

If you have ever looked at the sun, even for a brief moment, your vision becomes dull and you see the sun’s impression for minutes after.


That’s because the sun is VERY bright, hot, and produces damaging rays (live UV rays) that can do permanent damage to your eyes.


If fact it only takes 100 seconds to do irreversible damage to your retinas by looking directly at the sun.


If you are going to be watching the solar eclipse, you’ll probably be wanting to look up in the sky at the sun for longer than that. And you can!


Just be prepared!


Recommended Solar Eclipse Eye protection

When watching the Solar Eclipse you’ll want to get glasses specifically made for looking at the sun. And no, your sunglasses won’t offer you near the level of protection needed to stare straight at our local burning ball of gas.


You’ll want to get ISO 12312-2 certified glasses. We recommend getting them here. These type of glasses only let in a limited amount of light. In fact, if you look through solar eclipse glasses on a sunny day, you will not be able to see through them, unless you look directly at the sun.


That’s pretty dark!


Can I use welding glasses or a welding helmet?

Yes! As long as the welding glasses or helmet have a shade level of 14, you’ll be safe to watch a solar eclipse.


Welding glasses and helmets have a similar design to eclipse glasses in that they only let a limited amount of light in. The light that emanates from welding is extremely bright and can do similar damage to your eyes as the sun.


Be Wary of Knockoffs

Unfortunately, due to greed, there are some sellers of knock off eclipse glasses. Usually these pop up when everyone else starts running out of supply. Here are some tips to make sure you have the proper eye protection.


1.     Make sure you are buying from a reputable seller.

2.     It is important that your eclipse glasses meet the ISO 12312-2 certification.


3.     When you get the glasses, test them out. Can you see through them in a normal light situation?


Have fun!

Solar Eclipses are a rare, and fun phenomena! If you are safe, you can have lots of fun on eclipse day!