Marysvale, UT

Marysvale is a town located In central Utah that is rich with history and outdoor adventure.

Home to some of Utah's first settlements and mining operations, Marysvale has history with famous characters such as Butch Cassidy, tales of the railroads, and even the history Old Pine Inn and the famous Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Today Marysvale Is more known for outdoor adventure. With access to the Paiute Trail systems, Off-Roaders come back year after year to enjoy what the area has to offer.

Besides the OHV systems, the Marysvale area features Lazy River Floats, White Water Rafting, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing, Hiking, nearby lakes and reservoirs, hot springs and so much more! If you enjoy being outside, you'll enjoy visiting Marysvale and what it has to offer.